Axiom EPM


Ranked as a Challenger by Gartner, trusted by enterprise and loved by users, Axiom’s technology platform redefines what to expect from enterprise analytics.



The Axiom Software cloud platform supports all aspects of planning, reporting and analysis through an integrated suite of performance management solutions. 

Leveraging the latest Microsoft architecture, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Excel and cutting-edge Web technologies, the platform is both flexible and robust. For large datasets, complex data estates and the most exacting data governance standards and user requirements, Axiom ensures you’re always in safe hands.

Scalable relational data model supporting large data volumes and unique requirements 

Driver-based planning to cascade changes through multiple templates and hierarchies

Robust security model and auditing feature for accountability and complete control of the most granular elements of enterprise planning 

Guided workflow including a summary of planning tasks and guided navigation for each process



Thanks to cloud deployment, the Axiom Software platform helps ensure low IT maintenance requirements, optimal system performance and unmatched security. 

Accessible from any authorised connected device 

Fully configurable to fit your organisation’s exacting needs

Owned by the Business enabling you to change planning assumptions and dimensions in real time, with no need for IT support 



The Axiom Software cloud platform is fully equipped with decentralised enterprise grade user-based security. This gives you complete control over how your data is accessed and shared within the organisation. 



Familiar Microsoft Excel interface for business professionals and power users 

Functionally rich Web interface to promote broad take-up by business users 

Administration-free deployments and updates 

Excel Integration


For most business users, working with Microsoft Excel is second nature – so why try and reinvent the wheel? Thanks to full Excel integration, you can continue to leverage the familiarity of Excel, while eliminating its limitations as a stand-alone enterprise reporting tool. 

Axiom’s enhanced integration features include a robust workflow, role-based security and auditing, drag and drop report creation and advanced visualisation options for powerful, more efficient and less error-prone reporting, analysis, and planning.    


  • Optimise Excel for financial planning, modelling and reporting
  • Export existing Excel templates for more efficient workflows
  • Map all data to the Axiom Cloud for maximum security, auditing and control
  • Manage spreadsheet models and reports from end to end for an enterprise class application environment


  • Easy to use cloud software to encourage maximum organisational adoption
  • Multiple user interface options - Excel, Windows, Web Browser - to suit a wide range of user types
  • Driver-based planning to cascade changes throughout multiple templates and hierarchies
  • Flexibility to change planning dimensions in real time without IT support
  • Enterprise grade performance, security, auditing and process control

Cloud Deployment

Axiom in the Cloud: Secure, Efficient and Scalable 

The Axiom Software platform is deployed in a cloud environment. For you, this means a reduced IT overhead, optimal service performance and unmatched security. The platform infrastructure is provided and maintained by Kaufman Hall. Customers connect to their own, personalised Axiom Cloud system via a secured Internet connection, powered by dynamically scalable, secure and geo-distributed Microsoft Azure data-centres. 

  • No IT required 
  • Unmatched security 
  • Powerful automated data integration 
  • Seamless system updates 

For enterprise, Axiom Software has all areas covered… 


The Axiom Software Cloud service is hardwired to facilitate our customers’ compliance with industry and region-specific regulatory requirements. Read more about our full security certifications. 


Our easy to use interface lets you select an integration option based on the nature of your data needs. Open integration standards coupled with Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) functionality allows you to connect to virtually any data source to leverage clean, trusted data for performance management decision making. 


Thanks to the Axiom Data Import Wizard, initial integration is seamless. Connect and integrate data from any GL, ERP, CRM, HR or data warehouse system or import directly via Excel or CSV files. Administration-free updates minimise the need for IT input. Full on-boarding support is also available, with our team of industry-leading experts ready to assist and tailor solutions to your needs. 


Through enterprise grade user-based security, the Axiom Software Cloud platform gives you complete control over how your performance management data is accessed and shared within the organisation.


A secure, enterprise-grade solution, SSAE-16 SOC Type II (SOC2) audited, protecting customers’ sensitive data. 

The Axiom Software Cloud service leverages the Microsoft Azure HIPAA Compliant and GDPR Compliant Framework which includes a BAA Contract Addendum from Microsoft as well as ISO 27001 audit controls that address HIPAA security practices as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Data Integration

The Axiom Software platform lets you combine and verify all your data with ease, so you can always trust the numbers. Featuring fully automated, secure data integration from data residing on-premise or in the cloud, you can import, validate, cleanse and transform data for consistent use across all planning and analytics processes. 


Extract, Transform Load (ETL) capabilities together with an open integration approach means you can connect to virtually any data source to leverage clean, trusted data for performance management decision making.

  • Connect and integrate data from any GL, ERP, CRM, HR or data warehouse system or import directly via Excel or CSV files
  • Guide the data integration process with the easy to use Axiom Data Import Wizard
  • Validate, cleanse and transform data with a clear and supportable process
  • Efficiently map data to a destination table in the Axiom repository
  • Synchronise data with trigger based, time based or ad hoc schedules for full automation
  • Export Axiom data to Excel, CSV or any external data repository
  • Integrate Axiom Dashboard data within Microsoft PowerPoint presentations


Built to be put to work with even the most complex enterprise data architecture, Axiom Software includes a robust, highly configurable connector. This can be set up for virtually any data source in a matter of minutes.

Security & Compliance

For compliance-focused organisations, the Axiom Software platform ensures complete peace of mind. Fully equipped with enterprise grade user-based security, the platform offers complete control over how your performance management data is accessed, shared and audited.  ENTERPRISE-GRADE SECURITY Through our work in highly regulated sectors, Kaufman Hall has first-hand knowledge of the compliance landscape in which enterprises operate. As part of our wider commitment to helping organisations stay on top of their obligations, Kaufman Hall collaborates with BDO USA, LLP to provide SSAE-16 SOC Type II (SOC2) audits of operational controls. We maintain full SOC2 compliance, protecting customers’ sensitive data, whether stored in the cloud or on premise.
  • Native single sign on integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and SAML directories, including compatibility with multi-factor authentication
  • Data in transit is compressed and encrypted via a 256-bit SSL certificate. The connection uses TLS 1.2 encrypted using AES_256_CBC, with HMAC-SHA1 for message authentication and ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism
  • Data at rest is encrypted using a symmetric key with AES and 3DES encryption algorithms
  • A single security model for all users accessing every interface and function across the platform
  • A robust built-in security manager to configure all access to data, modules and elements of the system
  • Common user permissions may be consolidated into roles, with the ability to assign users to multiple roles


With Axiom Software’s comprehensive auditing capability, you can maintain a detailed record of all activities across the platform, ensuring complete visibility on who did what, and when. Previous versions of reports and plans are automatically saved to the database and changes are logged down to the individual user level. 

Key Auditing Features: 

Audit History: All events are logged in the system, enabling you to review changes, outliers and track back to source 

Audit Reporting: Thanks to Axiom Audit Manager and Report Wizard, administrators can review audit data with ease 

Audit Analysis: A built-in tool is provided to perform a full analysis of historical system activities

Document History: Enables users to revert to previous versions of a specific workbook

User Interface

Axiom Software ensures business insight is clear, relevant and accessible to the people who need it most – right when they need it. Through a rich variety of interface options, your people can view information in a way that’s tailored to their role, requirements and preferences.  


From data scientists through to occasional report consumers, we recognise that planning & analytics software usage can mean very different things to different people. To leave no-one behind, our client options ensure that all user types can interact with the platform in a way that best suits their role. 

To query data, request a file, or save files and data back to the Cloud, all clients communicate with the system over a secure connection. 

Our interface clients are as follows: 


A popular choice with power users who work frequently with Excel, this client provides access to all Axiom Software features within a Microsoft.NET interface, capitalising on Microsoft Excel’s familiarity, while delivering flexibility and unmatched enterprise performance.


Uses a .NET-based engine to emulate a spreadsheet without requiring a Microsoft Excel install. It provides full access to Axiom Software features, with many frequently-used Excel commands included. 


A browser application that does not require separate installation, this client leverages the latest HTML5 technology to give users access to Axiom Software from any browser, tablet or mobile device. This is a popular client for end-user consumption of reports, dashboards and ad hoc reporting. 


In addition to dedicated integration with Excel, Axiom Software provides seamless integration with other key Microsoft business apps. You can embed Axiom reports and dashboards within PowerPoint, integrate entire reports or document extracts into securely controlled Word documents and publish reports directly to SharePoint for enhanced collaboration. 


Access critical performance management information at exactly the point of need with Axiom Software. End users can interact with dashboards, spot trends, conduct ad hoc analysis and make informed decisions regardless of location. 


  • View key performance indicators (KPIs) on any tablet or smartphone including Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Provide visual dashboards displaying performance data, trends and variances for fast, effective decision making
  • Interact with information in a rich, visual and highly customisable way, based on end user preferences
  • Administer and deploy relevant reports to any mobile device with defined user access and role-based security