Axiom EPM

Strategic Planning

With Axiom Strategic Planning, you can create multi-year financial plans that are fully integrated with operational budgets. For performance monitoring and risk management, Axiom equips you to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

A foundation for building better business outcomes

Our acclaimed strategic planning module helps you define the direction of travel for the entire business. Through actionable, long-range plans coupled with a organisation-specific scorecard system, you can develop and track KPIs, create and hone enterprise initiatives, and monitor your company’s performance in real time. 

  • Capture the goals and initiatives needed to advance your organisation’s strategy 
  • Build a long-range plan that considers both operational and financial drivers 
  • Define, capture, calculate and publish KPIs and metrics 
  • Create organisational scorecards and dashboards to monitor progress and course-correct as market conditions change 
  • Define, evaluate and select key strategic initiatives and capital investments 
  • Model the impact of multiple scenarios and their impact on operational budgets and forecasts 

Modelling made easy: Asking ‘What if?’ – and getting answers you can trust

What if our suppliers hike their per-unit charge? How well equipped are we to weather currency fluctuations? What level of monthly debt repayment can we absorb? Axiom enables professionals to model the future and test scenarios with ease. 

Test multiple scenarios, taking into account major or incremental changes to any and all operational drivers, from sudden changes to market conditions through to process reconfigurations. Set your actual or hypothetical conditions and our powerful modelling function pinpoints the incremental implications in terms of revenue, cost, profit, debt and capital structure. All of this means being able to present decision makers with up-to-date forecasts as conditions change, delivered on-demand. 

Scenario Planning

Wouldn’t you rather test the future rather than guess its impact? Axiom’s powerful, easy-to-use modelling capabilities equip you to strategise for uncertainty, manage change and seize the opportunities around the corner. A System Built for modelling  Drawing on data from across your organisation and factoring in the various drivers that impact your business outcomes, scenario planning is an incredibly valuable tool for assessing the impact of critical uncertainties, new organisational initiatives and fresh market opportunities.  Here’s what Axiom’s modelling functionality can deliver:

Manage uncertainty with confidence 

For all businesses, change is a fact of life. But all too often, technical limitations force teams to rely on the prevailing scenario as the one-and-only backdrop to their budgets and forecasts. 

Helping you eliminate the risks of bias and false assumption, Axiom’s scenario planning functionality lets you ask ‘What if?’ and gives you answers you can trust. You can finally apply multiple variables with ease to test the impact of a vast range of market and organisational changes. Armed with this, you can present reliable, updated forecasts to executive decision makers, on-demand.

Making agile planning accessible to the people who need it  

Once the preserve of data scientists, Axiom Software opens up the potential of powerful modelling and scenario planning capabilities to your entire team. 

Drill down to calculate the likely impact of individual drivers through simple sensitivity analysis. Do you need to assess the cumulative effect of multiple potential changes? Axiom equips your people to create advanced, multivariate and initiative based plans with ease. With all this at their fingertips, your team can produce evidence-supported forecasting reports and expand the scope of what’s possible for your organisation’s strategy.

Capital Planning

No investment decision should be taken in isolation. Keeping your organisation’s wider needs in clear view, Axiom’s Capital Planning & Tracking solution delivers the insight you need to deploy capital with confidence.  Gain the confidence you need to make your move  Does this project represent the best use of our resources? How will the additional outlay affect cash flow? Will the long-term profit justify the short-term costs? For your long term financial strategy, the ability to answer these questions is crucial.   Axiom Software brings forecasting, capital planning and tracking together, giving you the ability to make truly data-driven decisions, supported by numbers you can trust.

Create and optimise your capital portfolio 

For capital investment decisions, there should be no room for mistaken assumptions, status quo bias and false equivalencies. These are precisely the pitfalls the Axiom Capital Planning & Tracking feature is designed to avoid. 

With it, you can rank and score proposed projects and assess them side-by-side with existing deployments. Get full visibility on all assets within your capital portfolio, including spend and return by year, by individual project and project type. Assess performance based on historic data and forecast future performance with confidence.