Axiom EPM

Reporting & Analytics

Axiom’s Reporting & Analytics solution integrates data from all corners of the business to provide a single reporting hub for your entire organisation. Powerful, easy-to-use and fully scalable, Axiom places data-driven insight at your fingertips.

Built for enterprise, designed for your people

Insightful Analysis: Gain a clearer understanding of what’s impacting performance, thanks to powerful drill-down/drill-through, ranking, trending and variance analysis

Impactful Reporting: With intuitive dashboards and compelling visualisations, you can present your ‘data story’ to business users in a way that makes perfect sense 

Automation and Collaboration: Generate, schedule and share complex report books with business insiders automatically and in a choice of formats. A message stream feature lets users to capture dialog and commentary in the context of any document or process

Security and Scalability: Apply Axiom Software’s role-based security configuration to filter content distribution according to the appropriate authorisation level 


Engineered to deliver everything you need (and nothing you don’t), Axion features intuitive design tools to apply precisely the report filters you need. Combine financial and operational data, measure your required KPIs and easily apply your desired formatting and visualisation elements to any report. The dashboard responds in seconds – even with very large data sets and user communities. 


Your enterprise demands total trust in the numbers, which is why Axiom Software is designed to ensure the highest possible data quality standards. 

With Axiom, you can integrate any data source and manage the metadata of those sources with common definitions. This includes dimensional lists and hierarchies, historical data retention rules and key ratio definitions. Rollup Structures and “on-the-fly” dimension updating can be handled with ease. Users can navigate and tailor their dashboards and create reports knowing that they are working with trusted, validated data stored within the platform. 


Axiom helps you communicate reports, trends and analysis in the clearest way possible to the people who matter. Thanks to easy integration with PowerPoint, you can easily convert full reports, segments and snapshots into compelling, visual presentations. 


Access Axiom on Macs, PCs, any web browser or on any mobile device with no software install needed. 

Thanks to optimised mobile dashboards, critical performance information is available to authorised users anytime, anywhere. This enables your people to interact with reports, spot trends, conduct ad hoc analysis and make timely, informed decisions, no matter where they are.


Bring your data story to life with Axiom Software Dashboards. Helping you join the dots between performance data, operational metrics, trends, variances, outliers and more, Axiom lets you visualise a complete picture of organisational performance. 

  • Display key performance indicators (KPIs) leveraging data definitions already established in the Axiom Software platform
  • Leverage a wide range of visualisation components and “drag & drop” creation tools to easily design and publish dashboards based on end user preference
  • Drill down and through to source reports to analyse the root causes behind alerts and variances
  • Communicate results, trends and analysis to stakeholders by embedding Axiom reports and dashboards within PowerPoint presentations
  • Input changes directly to the dashboard and write-back to the Axiom Software platform in real time to help you present the most up-to-date information to stakeholders
  • Render dashboards easily within the Axiom Software platform, on a Mac or PC, in any web browser or mobile device
  • Define user access and permissions with role-based security


Axiom Software lets you get to work in creating visually compelling analytics, delivering usable and trustworthy KPI’s, dashboard and analytics to all business users. Bring multiple categories of business data together, Axiom’s dashboards respond in seconds – even for very large data sets and user communities. The platform scales seamlessly to meet the needs of your organisation, while role-based security configurations ensure you always stay in absolute control of your data.

Mobile Performance Management

Access critical performance management information at exactly the point of need with Axiom Software. End users can interact with dashboards, spot trends, conduct ad hoc analysis and make informed decisions regardless of location. 

  • View key performance indicators (KPIs) on any tablet or smartphone including Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Provide visual dashboards displaying performance data, trends and variances for fast, effective decision making
  • Interact with information in a rich, visual and highly customisable way, based on end user preferences
  • Administer and deploy relevant reports to any mobile device with defined user access and role-based security