Axiom EPM

Profitability & Cost Management

Uncover the most lucrative opportunities with Axiom’s Profitability Management solution. From individual customers to entire product lines, Axiom sheds light on what’s truly driving or eroding profitability within your business.

Actionable profitability insight

Axiom’s Profitability & Cost Management module helps you avoid false assumptions based on top-level revenue figures. By helping you discover if your current areas of focus represent the best possible use of your resources, you become equipped to make better decisions on spend allocation, product-mix choices, marketing decisions and more.
  • Optimise performance by analysing and monitoring key volume, cost and profitability trends across business lines
  • Identify segments, product lines that are eroding profitability and take corrective action
  • Prepare in-depth reports and analysis such as segmentation, ranking and whale curve cumulative profitability
  • Generate actionable reports that analyse volumes, costs and profitability measures across any dimension and immediately drill into the details
  • Integrate operational and financial data sources for a complete picture of performance
  • Deploy, clear, evidence-based costing algorithms at even the most granular levels of your business

Identify your weak points and spot the next big thing

Axiom Software gives finance teams a complete framework for measuring margin ratios, acquisition costs, return on investment and all other key enterprise profitability metrics. Armed with this, you can identify the specific customers, products and channels that are eroding profitability. This can also highlight hidden gems in the form of high-yield, yet previously under-exploited business lines. 

Sophisticated analysis made easy

The answers to your profitability questions are in the numbers: Axiom helps you find them. 

Through robust reporting and dashboard capabilities, executives can quickly and easily understand the contribution of each and every segment to the organisation’s overall profits. You can also drill down from consolidated reports to the underlying details for as wide or narrow a view as you or your intended audience requires.