Axiom EPM

Budgeting & Forecasting

The financial landscape can shift rapidly, but with Axiom’s Budgeting & Forecasting solution, you’re fully equipped for change. Linking operational drivers to financial results, we enable accurate, agile decision making.

Forecast, analyse, plan: All in real time...

Create and manage planning models that are connected to your organisation’s market and operational drivers

Evaluate the impact of changing assumptions based on projected financial scenarios 

Seamlessly integrate data from all corners of your business, including the general ledger, fixed assets, HR and market data

Enterprise-grade planning with robust workflows, role-based security settings and automated report production that can support thousands of users

Focus on insight reducing time spent on reconciling and managing data means more time for strategy 

Leverage knowledge and expertise of familiar Excel functionality while eliminating the need to juggle stand-alone spreadsheets


The Axiom Budgeting & Forecasting solution provides a central hub of information, delivering absolute trust in the numbers. 

Using robust integration tools, Axiom automates the integration of data from GL, production and sales systems and even off-line spreadsheets directly into a single database. Designed to ensure data integrity, our validation and alerting tools ensure data issues are spotted and automatically resolved. 


No model should ever be set in stone. To respond to changing realities, businesses must be able to adapt their plans and set a new course where necessary. Axiom delivers precisely this capability. This includes leveraging an easy-to-use global driver library, enabling you to quickly incorporate the most appropriate operational drivers into your financial planning model at speed and with precision. 


Axiom supports all forms of planning including financial and operational budgeting, long-range planning, rolling forecasts, staff and salary planning, capital budgeting and sales planning. 

Axiom’s user-friendly structure supports both top-down and bottom-up planning or a hybrid model. Drill down to plan at a subject level (e.g. department, employee, SKU, product category) or get a bigger picture of organisation-wide performance – you decide.

Rolling Forecasts

With Axiom Rolling Forecasts, you can respond, rethink and readjust your course in the face of whatever comes your way. In a volatile and unpredictable landscape, this is your essential toolkit. 


While most organisations have a long term objective, reaching it requires a certain degree of versatility. Rolling forecasts give you the ability to tweak your planning strategy according to what’s happening on the ground, both within your business and in the wider marketplace. 

These rolling forecasts can be integrated with your long-term financial plans and operational budgets. You can then develop evidence-based strategic and tactical planning procedures, minimise risk and ensure optimal allocation of resources. 

With Axiom’s Rolling Forecast solution, organisations can: