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Built upon years of successful customer partnerships, Axiom’s planning solutions are flexible enough to meet a range of industry-specific needs, regulatory requirements, and organisational preferences.

Axiom software, consulting services & benchmark data help healthcare, financial institutions, and higher education leaders make better strategic decisions ranging from budgeting and planning, reporting and dashboarding and simulation and forecasting.

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Higher Education

Now more than ever, higher education institutions require the ability to anticipate and adapt to change. Impacting areas such as admissions policies, capital investment planning, tuition planning, budgeting, and HR management, Axiom makes it possible to integrate structured and unstructured data from across your campuses for a joined-up view of the entire institution, all within a robust, GDPR-compliant framework. 

Our flexible approach and rich modelling capabilities enable the development of multi-year and long-range plans that are fully integrated with operational budgets and forecasts. Meanwhile, thanks to easy-to-use dashboards and compelling visualisation options, you can create custom, ad-hoc reports with ease, enabling you to track and measure organisation-wide performance and to drill down to faculty and staff level.


With more than 2,500 clinical organisations putting Axiom EPM software to work, our proven expertise in meeting the needs of this sector is second to none. Incorporating our dedicated Axiom Healthcare Suite, our flexible performance management solutions equip stakeholders to analyse results, model the future and optimise organisational decision making. 

Spanning capital planning, financial planning, operational budgeting and rolling forecasting, Axiom empowers healthcare organisations in their quest for optimised performance and better patient outcomes.

Financial Institutions

The Axiom Financial Institutions Suite is designed to enable optimal decision making for banks, credit unions, credit associations and other non-depository financial institutions. Linking all financial and operating data, our unified platform lets you model long-term plans that are fully integrated with operational and capital budgets while also streamlining the budgeting process. Profitability analysis tools enable you to analyse the performance of your existing portfolio, to assess profitability dimensions across the institution and to design, manage and administer plans to stay competitive. 

By creating a reporting hub accessible to stakeholders across the organisation, you can provide users with real-time access to one version of the truth. All of this makes your institution much better equipped for mitigating risks, highlighting opportunities and preparing for whatever the future holds.


Unifying budgeting & forecasting, cost management, reporting and analytics in a single, accessible platform, Axiom Software delivers everything you need for fine-tuning your production processes, highlighting inefficiencies and anticipating demand, all in one place. 

With the ability to integrate data from across your organisation and wider supply chain, Axiom enables you to drill down to understand the cost and profitability impact of each component in your production life cycle. We know better than most that success is dependent on your ability to react at speed to market changes. With Axiom’s powerful modelling capabilities and easy-to-use dashboards, your people are fully equipped for ad hoc reporting and swift, confident decision making.


Axiom Software equips retailers to drive efficiency, to manage the changes ahead and to highlight the most lucrative opportunities. Integrating structured and unstructured data from all corners of your organisation, Axiom brings together data from multiple points of sale (online and physical stores) for a complete view of your retail brand. 

Thanks to our unified hub, operational budgeting, financial planning, capital planning and rolling forecasting are all accessible via a single, powerful platform. Whether you need access to yesterday’s revenue report across the entire brand, or if you want to forecast the likely future profitability of a single SKU in a particular location, our easy-to-use dashboards and compelling visualisations place the intel you require directly at your fingertips.

Professional Services

Axiom Software empowers professional services providers to uncover a deeper understanding of all aspects of their business activities, projects, resource allocation and profitability, to facilitate performance improvements and stronger client relationships. 

Integrating financial and operating data from virtually any source across all areas of your business, including CRM, HR and the likes of Sage and QuickBooks, Axiom offers a single platform for strategic planning, budgeting & forecasting, reporting & analytics, profitability & cost management. Combining powerful modelling capabilities with easy-to-use dashboards, you can define and track your most important metrics, drive performance and make truly data-driven decisions.


Axiom Software provides insurers with the business intelligence they need to hone their policy offerings, identify profitable new lines and opportunities, streamline their budgeting procedures and stay on top of their compliance obligations. 

Powerful, scalable and fully integrated, Axiom brings budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting onto a single platform for a complete view of organisational performance. Easy-to-use profit modelling capabilities enable business users to compare the performance of multiple divisions to track key metrics. It also gives you the ability to predict the impact of a wide range of operational and market drivers, for fast, effective decision making. 

Other Industries

Hardwired to meet sophisticated organisational needs, Axiom Software is successfully deployed across some of the most demanding and stringently regulated industry sectors. Combining the power to handle complex dataflows with vast experience of the nuances of the industries we serve, Axiom delivers a complete framework for planning, budgeting and performance management.

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