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Built on 30 years of expertise in planning, forecasting, profitability analytics and cost management, Axiom equips your decision makers for truly effective, data-driven decision making.

According to Gartner, the vast majority of customers would recommend Axiom Software without reservation. These customers love our powerful forecasting capabilities, flexibility, ease of use and the ability to customise. For helping you to make better sense of the numbers, here’s the difference Axiom can make:

  • Ease of use: Axiom is designed to be put to work by the people who matter: your people on the ground. Through an intuitive interface and a self-service approach to report creation, we ensure that your people spend less time aggregating and more time analysing. ​
  • Accessibility: Axiom’s cloud solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, allows your people secure access to the software from anywhere. When you request an update, we take care of it automatically, helping to keep your IT team’s to-do list to a minimum.​
  • Industry-specific models: No two industries share the same operational drivers, risks and variables. That’s why we reject a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to modelling and reporting. Axiom is built upon years of customer partnerships, resulting in planning solutions that reflect industry-specific needs.​
  • Truly integrated solution: When budgeting, strategy and cost management exist in silos, it’s impossible to get a full picture. Axiom removes the need for multiple processes to get the job done. The ability to integrate multiple sources such as your ERP and HR/Payroll systems ensures a single view of the truth: something that earned top marks from Gartner.
  • Flexibility: Your reporting requirements, permissions, technical capabilities and processes are unique to your organisation. So why should you be forced to change? This is the beauty of Axiom: allowing you to embrace a powerful financial analysis solution, while keeping your organisational preferences intact.​
  • Complex planning made simple: Many software providers promise to transform planning and budgeting with a couple of clicks. But do these promises stand up to scrutiny? Too often, user-friendly solutions are unsuitable for an enterprise architecture. Axiom is continually praised by industry analysts for its ability to help customers make better sense of their budgets, even for the most complex business operations.​

Axiom EPM (UK) Ltd are a distributor for Kaufman Hall’s Axiom software. For more information, see here: Kaufman Hall

About Axiom EPM

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The Axiom Profitability Management solution provides visibility what’s truly creating or eroding profitability Finance professionals can quickly and easily create full profit and loss reports (P&Ls).

  • The Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting solution enables finance professionals to streamline
  • The financial planning process and link operational drivers to financial results for improved
  • Planners are able to leverage Axiom to create rolling forecasts to keep a clear eye on the future
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